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Contact Seller Snake 1

Adult Olive Python (Liasis Olivaceus)

10yr old


Excellent handling, very placid

Includes tank which was custom made with two zones , heating, lighting, greenery and hide rock included

Wildlife Permit must be provided prior to sale for movement advice

Please enquire for more information
$900 each Qld (Metro)
Contact Seller Equipment 1

2022 Reptile Photography Calendar By Ross McGibbon

12 of my best images from the year

Raising money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the Global Snakebite Initiative



Please enquire for more details
$35 each WA (Metro)
Contact Seller Equipment 11

Thermostatically controlled snake enclosure. Fully equipped

Snake enclosures ranging in size

small single boxes ($50)

larger rectangular cages ($100)

banks of three ($150)

Permit Number : 12465488-A
$50 - 150 each Vic (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Stimsons Spotted Python (Wheat Belt colour)

8yr old


Great feeder

Beautiful colourings

Tank included with heating, hide and greenery

Please enquire for more information
$800 each Qld (Metro)
Contact Seller Other 1

Murray River Turtle and Aquarium

Murray River Turtle Male and 6ft X 2ft X 2ft aquarium set up

Fluorescent single tube UV light and holder
Large Exoterra porcelain clamp lamp (boxes available)

Exoterra solar glo bulb - UVB, UVA, visual light and heat

AQUAone Quartz Heater 500GH and smaller Eheim 250W aquarium heater

Aquaone Nautilus Pressurized Cannister filter 2700UVC

Turtle accessories including: syphan and accessories, pH fresh water testing kit, KH Generator, turtle conditioner, and turtle neutralisers

Fake plants, temp gauge, screen backdrop, gravel and an array of large sized rocks that can be built to make internal basking area

Shell in good condition, no cracks or uneven surfaces
$1,000 the lot Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Wanted 1

Wanted - Adult Male Spotted Python

Looking for a adult male spotted python

I need him to be sent to Queensland

Please enquire so we can make arrangements

Wanted Qld (Metro)

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