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Mitchell's Hopping Mice

Single $30, trio $75

Excellent low maintenance pets, herbivores, happy as a small group or colony

Constantly amusing, always active, no mouse odour

No need for a heat source

Highly recommended
$30 each Vic (Metro)
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Water - Pond Plants

I have several types of water plants available


Elephant ear from 0.3m to 2m high, purple stems with green leaves

Water iris yellow and purple flowers

Apart from ponds these are also great for pergola water pots

Local pick up Cranbourne area

Permit Number : 12437511-A
$2 to $4 each Vic (Metro)
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Woodies Wanted 1kg at Hackham S.A

Can anyone help?

I'm after prices for woodies posted too S.A 5163

Can anyone give me a good price, same on millworms and crickets??

Permit Number : Ac3047
Wanted SA (Metro)
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Magnificent Green Tree Frogs (Litoria splendida)

These babies are 18 weeks old

The price includes export permit

Growing and eating well

Can send how ever many to one location for distribution to individuals to save on transport costs
$25 each WA
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Kreft Turtle

Have had turtle since it was able to fit in the palm of my hand

It is now the size of a bread and butter plate

Don't know the sex

Fed on pellets

Need gone asap

Comes with a six foot fish tank if wanted

Pick up only - Mornington Peninsula area
$200 each Vic