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Jungle x Diamond Pytjon

Friendly Diamond x Jungle Python

Eats anything and handles well

Probable male

About 1.8m long

Selling because I need the tank for hatchlings

No swaps

Collect from Winmalee - about 20km from Penrith

Permit Number : AKL103514
$49 each NSW (Country)
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Coastal Carpet Python

7 year old coastal carpet python

Beautiful nature, handled often since baby and is gentle around kids

Eats well

Enclosure included
$450 each Vic (Metro)
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Albino Carpet Python Yearlings

Pairs and Single Females available

These placid Albinos handle extremely well and are excellent feeders

Parents are two of the best ever produced by us at SXR

Guaranteed healthy and disease-free as they are housed in a closed facility

Accurately sexed

Can arrange shipment to major city and regional airports at purchasers expense

Pairs $600

Single Females $300

Photos will be sent to serious buyers

Permit Number : W02683-3
$300 each SA (Metro)
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Axanthic Black Headed Python & 100% Het

Axanthic Blackheaded Hatchling and 100% Hets.

Feeding well on 50/60g Weaner Rats.

All are healthy and good handlers.

From Micheal Austin / Neil Sonnemann lines.

Full feeding and shedding history supplied.

B1 Axanthic female- $1400

B6 100% Het female- $500

Pickup from the Gold Coast.

Freight to major airports $100.

PM me for any further information.
$500 each Qld (Metro)
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Uluru and Tanami Woma

In excellent health

Good temperament

Easy snake to take care of
$200 each Vic (Metro)
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Bredli Centralian Children's Python (Morelia Bredli)

He is a large snake measuring at just under 3 metres long, and is approximately 9 years old

He is an excellent feeder, very gentle personality and great for adults or kids alike to handle

He is in a healthy condition

We are a campsite who have been using him as part of our reptile program for years now, but we have more snakes than we need
$300 each Vic (Country)
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Children's Python (Antaresia childreni)

This little gentleman is approximately 4 years old

Good eater, great handler and in healthy condition

We call this little guy Rango, and we are only selling him because our reptile program now has 7 snakes and we need to downsize

He is very good to handle, even for young children

He gets along well with other snakes and has happily lived with another similar aged children's python in the same enclosure for over a year now
$200 each Vic (Country)
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Spotted python

She is around 3 years old now, and a good size

Great markings

Great feeder

She can be snappy when getting her out of her tank

Would make a good breeder

Let me know if your interested or have questions

Permit Number : AKLZ004404
$150 each NSW (Metro)
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Olive Pythons

100% Het Albino - Olive Pythons

6 Months Old

Pairs - $2000

Single Males - $700

I have 4 Pairs and 2 Single Males Available

No Payment Plans

Willing to freight at buyers expense

Permit Number : AKL75512
$2,000 per pair NSW (Metro)
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Albino Spotted Python

8 month old female

Perfect health

Eating f/t hopper mice

From proven out cross het parents

Reference's available

Best offer, will consider nice Diamond pythons as part payment
$3,750 each Qld (Metro)
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Black Headed Pythons

Calico X Calico (Colour Changer) Offspring

Last few from this line, priced from 800-1000 depending upon quality of colour & markings

Varying degree's of Orange/Red or Caramel banding with orange bellies

These animals will be stunning in their own right even if they don't go through the colour change

Hatched Jan 2017 & all eating hopper rats

All our animals come vet checked & sexed

Parents demonstrate Peach/Pinks often associated to this morph. (We can not guarantee that these animals will change colour and ask you too consider this prior to purchasing)

Fantastic breeding project or awesome display animals

Handled regularly by my young grand daughter

Freight is available for an additional fee of $90 and payment plans can be arranged

Please inquire for further details
$800 each Vic (Metro)
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Children's pythons

Hatchlings on 1/1/17

Now 7 months old

All feeding well
$50 each Qld (Country)
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Wanted - Speckled Brown Snake

I'm after 4 speckled brown snake/s

Good money paid for quality animals

Prefer younger snakes but might consider older ones

Willing to pay $1,000 to $2,000 for individual snakes plus freight
Will pay good $ Vic (Metro)
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Green Tree Python Adult Female

Big Beautiful Sorong x Aussie female

6 years old

Has a slight kink, no Prolapse issues, sheds well and eats anything

Shipping available at buyer's expense

Permit Number : AKL69291
$1,200 each NSW (Metro)
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Rockhampton Downs Womas

Rockhampton Downs Woma Pythons

Trio - 1 Male and 2 Females

6 years old

Proven breeders

Male approx. 1metre

Females approx. 1.2mts

Feeding on thawed rats

All in perfect health

Prefer to sell as one lot

Discount for the three

Permit Number : 13066620-A
$450 each Vic (Metro)
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Albino Darwin Carpet Pythons - Female

Albino Darwin Carpet Python Female

Hatched 1st December 2014

Striking female, ready to breed this season

Excess to current breeding needs

Currently hand feeding on thawed adult rats

Freight available for $80 to anywhere AAE will freight reptiles to

Permit Number : F41035
$650 each SA (Metro)
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Kreffts (Black) Tiger Snake (notechis ater ater)

This years young

Being assist fed on pink mice

Mostly males available

Permit Number : 12465488-A
$250 each Vic (Country)
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Diamond x (morelia sp.)

This years juveniles

Feeding on young mice

Mostly females available

Permit Number : 12465488-A
$100 each Vic (Country)
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South Western Carpet Python (morelia spilota imbricata)

This years juveniles

Feeding on young mice

Males and females available

Permit Number : 12465488-A
$125 each Vic (Country)
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Albino Darwin Pair

5yr Old

Approx 2m

Proven breeders

Paired Once

Permit Number : f46141
$1950 pair SA (Metro)
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Carpet Snakes

1 x Bredli female

8 yrs old

2.1 meter long
1 x Bredli female

5 yrs old

1.6 meter long
1 x male Darwin carpet

4 yrs old

1.5 meter long

All in excellent health and feeding on rabbits

$200.00 each or all for $750.00

Melbourne South Eastern Area

Pick up only
$750 lot Vic (Metro)
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Children's Pythons

Hatched in September 2016, so now about 6 months old

All eating very well

Handle very well

10 available

Sorry no shipping, local pick up only
$60 each Vic (Metro)
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Eastern Carpet Snake - Female

She's about 2.7 meters long

Very docile

About 10 years old
$200 the lot Vic (Metro)
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Albino 2 year old female Darwin Carpet Pythons

Albino Darwin Carpet Pythons

There are two females available

They both have great health and are great feeders

Pickup is from Blue Mountains area

Permit Number : AKL085883
$400 each NSW (Country)
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Stimson Python - Female

Purchased from and sexed by Snake Ranch NSW

Have had her for 5 yrs

She feeds on fuzzy rats and sheds well

Was great to handle but has not been in a while

She has amazing colouring

Need gone asap

Comes with enclosure if you want it

Pick up only
$200 each Vic