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Coastal Carpet Python and Enclosure - FREE

Regretfully looking to rehome my beautiful coastal carpet python as we begin our journey to start a family

8yo - never sexed

Includes Enclosure 1.25(L)x60(W)x60(H) and accessories - Heat lamp, rock, hidey-hole, heat mat and thermostat

Feeding on large adult rats

Local pick up only
Free Vic (Metro)
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Hypo Bredli Centralian Carpet Python and Exo Terra Terrarium

Male Hypo Bredli Centralian Carpet Python

Comes with his Exo Terra Terrarium (All Glass 45x45x45cm)

Extremely regrettable sale

Purchased from Kellyville Pets on the 8/09/2019
He was a fresh yearling at the time of purchase but unsure of hatch date and sex at the time

Check Up & Sexed on 6/11/2020 @ South Penrith Veterinary Clinic

He eats, sheds and poops very well

Currently on hopper rats

Can be a little cage defensive extremely calm otherwise when being handled.

Located in Penrith

Permit Number : AKLZ103545
$375 the lot NSW (Metro)
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Wanted - Adult Male Spotted Python

Looking for a adult male spotted python

I need him to be sent to Queensland

Please enquire so we can make arrangements

Wanted Qld (Metro)
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Free to Good Home - Bredli x Jungle Python

About 3 years


Good feeder

Permit Number : AKLZ092009
Free NSW (Metro)
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Albino Olive Pythons

21 month old Albino Olive Pythons

Feeding on rats or mice

Still a little small for age but all very healthy

Prefer to sell as a bulk lot
$10,000 the lot NT (Country)
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Stimsons Spotted Python (Wheat Belt colour)

8yr old


Great feeder

Beautiful colourings

Tank included with heating, hide and greenery

Please enquire for more information
$800 each Qld (Metro)
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Adult Olive Python (Liasis Olivaceus)

10yr old


Excellent handling, very placid

Includes tank which was custom made with two zones , heating, lighting, greenery and hide rock included

Wildlife Permit must be provided prior to sale for movement advice

Please enquire for more information
$900 each Qld (Metro)
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Central Carpet Python

Regrettably I am need of re-homing my carpet python

He is about 2.5 metres long

9 years old

I say he but this is not confirmed

I have had him since he hatched but due to his size and my limited time I am unable to provide him with the care he deserves

Please enquire for further details

Permit Number : AKLZ011041
$100 the lot NSW (Metro)
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Blond Spotted Python

12 year old blond spotted python

Feeds well

Sheds well

Handles well

Sex is unknown

Permit Number : CALZ12903
$200 each NSW (Metro)
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Children Pythons

The age are 9 months

The parents I had for app 10 years

They are beautiful snakes

They are feeding well and ready to go

Local pick up only
$250 each Vic (Metro)