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Wanted - Pygmy Python

Wanted Pygmy python any sex
Wanted Vic (Metro)
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Wanted - Jaguar High Yellow Carpet Pythons

Looking for Jaguar High Yellow Carpet Pythons something like in the photo

Preferably in the Central Coast area if possible

Permit Number : 785765765
Negotiable NSW
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Jungle Python

Approximately 3 years old

About 1m long

Eats and sheds well

Not sure of sex

Comes with enclosure, just over 1200mm high x 1300 long x 500mm wide, plus heat lamp, uv lamp, thermostat and hide.

Located in Bungendore, near Canberra
Permit Number : AKLZ071774
$400 each NSW (Country)
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Spotted Python Female - Antaresia Maculosa


13 Years Old


Good Feeder and shedder

Handles well, quiet, never bred

Pick Up North Brisbane or Can deliver Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or Gold Coast

Must have Qld Reptile Licence
$120 each Qld (Metro)