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Black Headed Python pair and two 4ft Enclosures and Equipment

Female is 17 years old

Male is approx 12 years old

Excellent condition

Have not been handled in 6 years but demeanour appears still calm

Two 4ft enclosures joined by lockable hollow log with ceiling and floor heating thermostatically controlled

Both animals are about 2 metres long
$900 the lot Vic (Metro)
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Jungle Python with Enclosure

4 yr old male

Roughly 1.5m long

Due to starting a business and a new born baby on the way, Iíve run out of time to give him the attention he deserves

He was very tame but over the last year Iíve not handled him, so heís become bitey

My enclosure is custom made with a waterfall, timer and thermostats

Everything is in good working order and looks amazing!

Note: the enclosure is HEAVY!

Dimensions: 1200 x 670 x 1100

Pick only: North Warrandyte
$900 the lot Vic (Metro)
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Spotted python - Antaresia maculosa

15 years old

Sex unknown

Beautiful colourings

Tank with heating and hide can be included

Regretfully must part as moving overseas

Price negotiable

Please enquire for more information

Permit Number : AKL086221
$100 each NSW (Country)
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Adult Spotted Black Snakes - Pseudechis guttatus

Two captive-bred adult female Spotted Black Snakes Pseudechis guttatus'

8 years old

Laid fertile clutches in 2021

Feed mainly on mice, but also take rats and chicken necks

NSW only; R4 or R5 licence required

Permit Number : RK51229
$500 each FIRM NSW (Country)