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Contact Seller Equipment 1

Menagerie - Out Door Enclosure

I'm moving house so am pulling down my out door enclosure which houses blue tongues, turtles and water dragons.

The panels are ply or rhs tube, there are 2 at 2.4m w x 2.4m h. 1 panel - 1.2 w x 2.4 m h.

Wire on rhs tube frames i.e. the front of the enclosure are 2 x 1.8m w x 2.4 m h. 1 x 1.5m wide x 2.4 m h and a door at about 850mm w x 2.4 m h.

There are some frames across the roof also of varying sizes with wire and shade mesh

All supporting treated pine posts included.

$100 the lot Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Lizard 1

Central Bearded Dragon and Enclosure

2 year old central bearded dragon named Rocky

Included are vivarium and stand , both professionally crafted

Enclosure includes plants, rocks, log, water and salad bowls, heat lamp, UV light, thermostat and thermometer

Price is inclusive of pooper scooper, calcium powder, cricket keeper and a bathing box

Vivarium Dimensions :
90cm (w)x60 cm (d)x 56cm (h)

Stand: 90cm (w)x60cm (d)x 63cm ( h)

Permit Number : AKLZ039807
$350 the lot NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Other 20

Krefft Short-Necked Turtle Hatchlings

9 weeks old

Approx size of 20 cent piece

Sex is unknown

All feeding well

Pick up only - Ryde, NSW

Will NOT freight or deliver

Permit Number : AKL79121
$70 each NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Equipment 1

Pond Pump, Filter and Pond Liner

Large pond pump/filter and rubber pond liner, about 1mm thick, being used for turtle pond

Very good condition

Pond liner size - about 1.5m wide x 2 m long

Permit Number : 12437511-A
$100 the lot Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Other 4

3 x eastern long neck & 1x Kreft turtles - Free!

Much loved pets but no longer able to care for them

Will be pleased for them to go to someone who can care for them

Pick up only in Sutherland Shire area

Permit Number : AKL090700
$0 the lot NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Equipment 1


Large terrarium used for plants - included!

Could be easily modified for frogs

1.1 m wide x 0.87m high x 0.61 m deep.

Thick 10 mm glass

Two person lift due to size and weight

Pick up Cranbourne Nth area

Permit Number : 12437511-A
$50 the lot Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 2

Uluru Woma - Aspidites ramsayi

A lovely pair of very dark Uluru Womas from Simon Stones original Charcoal line

Approx. 8 years old

Very calm & easy to handle

Eat & shed with no issues

From a 30 year plus pristine collection

Perfect for children to handle

Freight available at buyers expense

Permit Number : F47626
$380 per pair SA (Metro)
Contact Seller Other 1

Saltwater Crocodile



Previously used in demonstrations was good to handle once but not so much any more

Will only sell to someone with appropriate enclosure and experience with keeping crocodiles

$400 each Vic (Country)
Contact Seller Wanted

Murray Darling or Coastal Carpet Python

Am looking to buy a female Murray Darling or Coastal Carpet Python

At least 3 years old

Am willing to pay well for a nicely natured, good looking specimen

Happy to collect or arrange and pay for freight

Permit Number : AKL50314
Wanted NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Lizard 1

Bearded Dragon with Complete Set Up

Regretful sale: moving house so need to sell ASAP

Elsa is a 3 year old bearded dragon who has been brought up around kids

She loves strawberries and carrots and laying in the sun

Comes with tank and cupboard, brand new rock wall and new lamp and thermostat

Brand new sand put in and tank cleaned 5th April

Comes with pooper scooper, additional logs, calcium powder, cricket keeper, have 2 weeks worth of crickets

Everything in that photo is inclusive

Permit Number : AKLZ066793
$400 the lot NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Jag - Morelia mixed blood

A very nice 3 year old male Jag with Bredli blood

Easy to handle & feeds well

Ready to mate this season

Sadly lack of room forces sale

Can freight at buyers expense

Permit Number : F47626
$250 each SA (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Jag - Morelia mixed blood

This adult male Jag is a stunning looking animal

Has produced some lovely offspring

Sadly lack of room forces sale

From experienced & pristine collection

Freight at buyers expense

Permit Number : F47626
$250 each SA (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 3

Black Headed Python - Breeding Trio

BHP: Proven breeding trio

(1 x male and 2 x female) - unrelated

Male compatible and proven with both females

Male 5yo, good colourings, good feeder and good temperament (Het for Calico)

Female 1: 8yo, good colourings, good feeder but a bit tank protective. Averages 8 eggs

Female 2: 5yo, good colourings, good feeder and good handler. Averages 7 eggs

They all feed well on anything (ground feeders), but mainly 350+g rats

Clean and mite-free collection; all snakes are healthy

No swaps, but I will consider reasonable offers

Licence required

Available anytime during the week/weekend after 11am

Will not split, no swaps, no freight!

Permit Number : AKL103514
$2,000 the lot NSW (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Price Reduced!

Regretful sale

Jungle Jag Female

4 years old

Slight nero

Eats very well

100% Albino Het Darwin

Male for sale

3 years old

Eats very well

Freight at buyers expense
$100 each NSW (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 3

Trio of Tiger Jungle Snakes

It is a regretful sale

6 year old trio of tiger jungle snakes

2 females and 1 male

Previous season the females laid 30 eggs each

Freight at buyers expense.
$500 the lot NSW (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Sunglow Albino -male

Mother is an Albino Darwin

High fluoro tri coloured 7 year old

Father is a Albino het Super Caramel Jag

Eats rats every time & is a dream to handle

From a pristine collection & established breeder of over 30 years

surplus to requirements

He is over 2 years old & good for mating this season

Asking $950 for this stunning guy

Freight available at buyers expense

SA Fauna F47626
$950 each SA (Metro)
Contact Seller Lizard 1

Blue tongue lizard for sale

Adult blue tongue

Approximately five years old

Would make a great first pet for any budding reptile enthusiast

Selling because I’m getting out of the hobby

It's the middle of a shed at the moment but can post pictures at viewer’s request
$40 each Qld (Metro)

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