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Contact Seller Lizard 1

1 Year Old Blue Tongue Lizard

1 year old blue tongue lizard

They eat well on cat food, bananas and boiled eggs

They have unusual markings

Selling at $95 each

Buy both for $170

Permit Number : akl75359
$90 each NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Lizard 5

Eastern Blue Tongue Lizard Babies

5 lively baby blue tongue lizards

Born 7.1.22

Eating well on boiled eggs & cat food

All have lovely individual markings

Permit Number : akl75359
$49 each NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Jungle Python with Enclosure

4 yr old male

Roughly 1.5m long

Due to starting a business and a new born baby on the way, Iíve run out of time to give him the attention he deserves

He was very tame but over the last year Iíve not handled him, so heís become bitey

My enclosure is custom made with a waterfall, timer and thermostats

Everything is in good working order and looks amazing!

Note: the enclosure is HEAVY!

Dimensions: 1200 x 670 x 1100

Pick only: North Warrandyte
$900 the lot Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 2

Two enclosures 1 Jungle Python and 1 Childrenís Python

Jungle Python 3 yrs old

Childrenís Python 3 yrs old

Sex of both unknown

Large enclosure with all accessories + Terra enclosure

Many accessories including -Thermostats, bowls rocks and hides

Two complete setups

All must go not as a lot

$500 the lot Vic
Contact Seller Equipment 1

Large Tank Enclosure

Large tank enclosure 188cm L x 64cm W x 72cm H

Suitable for turtles, water dragon

Has dry and wet area (with drain pipe)

UV light holder, heat lamp, water filter, rocks and branches included
$500 the lot Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Other 1

Murray River Turtle and Aquarium

Murray River Turtle Male and 6ft X 2ft X 2ft aquarium set up

Fluorescent single tube UV light and holder
Large Exoterra porcelain clamp lamp (boxes available)

Exoterra solar glo bulb - UVB, UVA, visual light and heat

AQUAone Quartz Heater 500GH and smaller Eheim 250W aquarium heater

Aquaone Nautilus Pressurized Cannister filter 2700UVC

Turtle accessories including: syphan and accessories, pH fresh water testing kit, KH Generator, turtle conditioner, and turtle neutralisers

Fake plants, temp gauge, screen backdrop, gravel and an array of large sized rocks that can be built to make internal basking area

Shell in good condition, no cracks or uneven surfaces
$1,000 the lot Vic (Metro)

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