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New Listings

Category Quantity Description Price Location Image
Contact Seller Snake 10

Pure Jungle Zebras

Pure jungle zebra hatchies born 31/11/18

Ready to go new homes

Perfect animals in every way from top high yellow line

Also have striped jungles and super zebras . Get in touch for more pics etc

located South Sydney

Permit Number : AKLZ063243
$150 each NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Stimsons Python + Enclosure

For sale is our beautiful Stimsons python called Mr Slithers, but we are not sure on the sex

Both snake and enclosure were purchased November 2015

He is around 3 years and 8 months old

He handles, eats and sheds well

We feed him adult mice

He is approximately 900mm long

Enclosure is White melamine

900mm x 600 x 600

Has 1 x fluro fitting and 2 x heat light fittings with covers, thermostatically controlled

Located in Nunawading.
$280 the lot Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 2

Spotted python breeding pair

Two healthy spotted pythons

Both 8 years old

Eat & shead perfectly

Used for breeding purposes

Female is a regular spotted & male is an ebony

Pick up from Victoria

$250 per pair Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Lizard 1

Bearded Dragon and Tank

Female Eastern bearded dragon

Her name is “The Queen”
She is approx 4 years old

She has never bred

She is happy the be handled and can sit on your knee and watch tv. Or walk around the house. Loves the window sill in the sun

The tank is a front opening tank 1800 long 500 wide. This tank sits on a wooden table with 2 x draws.

There is a heat lamp in the top and a UV light.

She has a heated log which she loves to lay on. Artificial grass in bottom of tank and various pieces on logs and drift wood to climb. Water and food bowls included too

Tank and all accessories included

Permit Number : CALZ04910
$400 ONO NSW (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Morelia spilota metcalfei

Inland carpet python female

Eats and sheds well

Handles very well

Pick up Vic Metro
$250 each Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Jungle Carpet Python

3 yr old jungle carpet python

Eats and sheds without issue

Great handler
$150 each Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 3

Python Lot

1x morelia bredli female roughly 3 years old, okay temperament, little snappy around feeding time but okay outside of enclosure.

1x top end carpet python, morelia spilota variegata, great temperament, roughly 3 years old, very curious snake likes to be held

1x carpet/diamond morelia spilota roughly 3 years old, great temperament likes to be held

All snakes housed together and get along with each other, never had any issues, in a 4ft x 2ft x 4ft tank included in price, perfect condition

Permit Number : AKL74515
$1,500 the lot NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 2

Wanted Copperheads and Eastern Brown Snakes

Only healthy captive bred animals

$400 per pair Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Stimsons Python

Male Stimsons Python

5 years old

Comes complete with 3 foot black melamine enclosure complete with lights and thermostat

Located West Gippsland

Pickup only
$225 the lot Vic (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Woma Python - Tanami Female

Approx 5 years of age

Comes with 3 ft black melamine enclosure complete with thermostat and lights

Located West Gippsland

Pick up only
$275 the lot Vic (Country)
Contact Seller Equipment 1

Snake / Reptile enclosure

Large Reptile / Snake enclosure

Very solid timber unit

Measurements are in pictures

Has storage underneath, come with advanced digital control thermostat with operating instructions

Single lock with 2x keys on twin glass sliding doors. One glass door has very tiny chip but no fractures to the glass itself and sits inside the recess where the glass slide so can’t be seen. No holds

Pick up preferred. Could deliver for a fee if required after money has cleared in my account
$350.00 negotiable

Item is advertised elsewhere and remains for sale until cash is received
$350 the lot Qld (Metro)
Contact Seller Equipment 100

Rodents For Your Reptiles

Pick up all the Rodents you need from Corrimal NSW by appointment or have them shipped through our website!


Permit Number : akl095056
Varying prices NSW (Country)
Contact Seller Equipment 27

Rodent Breeding Boxes - Used

10 Large Rat Breeding boxes

3 large and 3 small mouse boxes

25 water bottles

10 plastic reptile cages

Pickup only metro Melb
$400 the lot Vic (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Tanami Woma (Aspidites ramsayi)

2 gorgeous Tanami Woma Hatchlings (Aspidites ramsayi)

Perfect for a first Reptile Pet, or first breeding pair/project.

We have 1 Male and 1 Female

- Hatched in Late October 2018
- Feeding Regularly on Fuzzy Rats with no issues at all.
- Shedding very well Also

Pick-up Blacktown Area

Must have/provide licence number on Pick-up

Permit Number : AKLZ020540
$220 each NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Juvenile Diamond Python

Juvenile diamond Python plus tank

Nearing 2 years old

Will sell seperate or as a package - make an offer

Permit Number : ALKZ042767
$500 each NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Central Carpet Python plus Tank

Open to offers as I’ve moved interstate and she is at my parents house

Nearly 5 years old

Eats and sheds well

Handles fine (can be cage defensive at times but never had an issue when she’s out)

Will sell separately or as a whole

Happy for offers to be made

Permit Number : ALKZ042767
$500 each NSW (Metro)
Contact Seller Equipment 1

Central Bearded Dragon

Currently looking for a young bearded dragon to become part of our family

Would prefer a female but either will be perfect
Neg Vic (Country)
Contact Seller Snake 1

Children's Python (female) Anteresia childreni

Female Children's Python (approx 10yrs)

Plus complete care package:

Reptile One terranium, with Microclimate thermostat, caged globe, mounted heat cable, hot hide, cold hide, water trough, natural mulch,decorative leaves, F10 cleaning solution, 3-4 spare rats, feeding tongs & more...

Reluctant Sale! We love Terra and want her to go to a good home!

Permit Number : AKLZ058165
$460 each NSW (Country)